Introducing a NEW Pictavo Video!

We are excited to bring you a fresh new Pictavo video to share with your schools! The video showcases the sophisticated design software, convenience and ease of use while highlighting key features and benefits relevant to schools. It has been updated to reflect the many exciting new additions that have been made recently and references new features such as Snippets that will be available in the 2014-15 version of Pictavo starting in August. We encourage you to use this video as a tool to prospect and solidify relationships with schools.

Check out the NEW video and be sure to share it with your schools!

Access the Video Online


Access the Video Offline

For added convenience, you can also download the video to have on your personal computer or a CD. This is helpful when Internet or permission access is limited. 
Please contact your sales representative for access to the permanent video file.

Using Our Videos

Pictavo continues to be the best-in-class software for independent photographers and yearbook providers. From the robust design software to Pictavo Community to the Pictavo Community Mobile App, it continues to help schools collaborate, manage, create and sell yearbooks they can be proud of.

Please use this new Pictavo video, along with the Walter’s Publishing video to showcase the extensive capabilities you can provide schools as their yearbook publisher.

Thank you! - Your Walter’s Publishing Team