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Yearbook Planning Calendar - December

Happy December! The holidays are just around the corner! Wrap up this months tasks before taking a week (or two?) off.

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Download the PDF here.

December's checklist was created using background B6155S and the fonts: LeHavre Sketch & Lady Renee.

Still struggling with theme ideas? Wondering how to make this year's book unique without breaking the mold entirely? Head on over and peruse the Pictavo Pinterest Boards for some inspiration.

To Theme or Not To Theme

Fall is winding down, the holidays are just around the corner. The first steps of your yearbook project are, surely, already done. You've decided on the basic layout of your book, you've created a ladder detailing what falls where on your pages, and you've most likely decided on a theme.

We'd like to provide you with a little inspiration from a few schools that did a great job continuing their theme throughout their book.

This first school stuck with school colors through the entire book. A few key design elements (dream catchers, feathers, arrows) made appearances on nearly every page. We suspect these design elements were chosen due to their tie-in to their school mascot. These elements didn't take anything away from the layouts because they were incorporated in a way that didn't overwhelm the page. Other pieces were occasionally added for variety, but always following their school color palette. Custom endsheets and special treatments (matte laminate and embossing) on the cover were just the finishing touches this book needed.

Great use of theme in all parts of a yearbook.

Great use of theme in all parts of a yearbook.


Next up, a school that was very theme-conscious, but also took some liberties when designing for a specific club or organization (as seen on the "fabric & fashion" spread). The use of a specific color palette, design elements (arrows, we spot a trend?) kept the flow of the book smooth even with a rule-breaker spread thrown in here and there. Once again, custom endsheets and special treatments (spot UV coating and matte lamination) on the cover add high quality, classy finishing touches to this yearbook.

Great use of theme in all parts of a yearbook.

Great use of theme in all parts of a yearbook.

We do realize there are schools that don't necessarily choose a theme for their entire book, rather, they enjoy designing pages based on the holiday or activity contained on the spread. For those schools, we offer some suggested Pictavo artwork that may not be categorized as "seasonal", but would work great when used in conjunction with the right clipart and fonts!

Using fall colors in yearbook spreads.

Using fall colors in yearbook spreads.

Using fall colors in yearbook spreads.

Using fall colors in yearbook spreads.

Happy Yearbooking!

{and Happy Thanksgiving}

The Pictavo Team

Capturing All Four Seasons In Your Yearbook

We mention it every summer - that your yearbook should include all four seasons, not just the seasons that school is in session. So if you're out there gathering photos and stories, great job! If not, don't fret. There is still plenty of time. 

In the meantime we've put together a list of fun summer-inspired phrases, page titles and headlines for you!

Fall Pantone Colors for 2014

As you pick your yearbook theme for this year and move into designing the pages, we thought it would be helpful to show you the colors that are trending for 2014 this fall. We love the deep rich hues and purples/pinks! Not too girly, they are balanced with some much more masculine blues and almost 1970s shades of green, gold and brown. We've included the matching RGB colors from the Pictavo Color Palette so you can design your book using these hot fall colors! What a fun palette to choose from! Which are your favorite? 


We can't wait to see what you come up with! 

~ Your Idea Garden Team