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Time To Recruit A Yearbook Staff

It’s that time of year. The yearbook is finished, you’ve taken at least one deep breath, and now it’s time to start thinking about next year.

Certainly you have senior staffers that will be leaving you. How and who will you recruit to fill those positions?

Just like creating a yearbook, building a successful yearbook staff will require some planning, some trial and, likely, some error. First thing you should do? Envision what kind of yearbook environment you’re trying to create.

By knowing the type of student you want to attract, you’ll understand better how to recruit. This will drive the type of questions you want to ask. We realize that many schools offer yearbook as a class that students register for, but the type of interviewing we’re suggesting will help place said students in the positions that are best suited for their skill sets, help you find your leadership team and set the tone for what is expected from the students in the yearbook classroom.

It’s important that you attract a variety of students to your staff. Having a room full of creative, artsy types doesn’t do any good if no one can stay organized, plan an event or help track sales. You’ll need to decide for yourself what the ratio of staffers to editors to photographers is and how you want to break down these groups. Have an idea of what your ideal team looks like. Take the opportunity to align your recruitment efforts with your staff needs.

Not sure about what positions are on a developed yearbook staff? Take a look at this list and decide what positions or responsibilities your team could add to become more complete. Even if your positions and responsibilities don't align exactly with this list, maybe you'll find a better way to disperse responsibilities or assign tasks!

Happy Yearbooking!

Modular Yearbook Design Made Easy

Ever look at other schools' yearbook spreads and think, "They must have a designer doing their book for them." Guess what? So can you. Pictavo employs a team of professional graphic designers that work year round on art creation, template design and Snippet design for use exclusively in Pictavo! Take a look at just a few ways to use some of the new Snippet designs available for the 2017 school year!

Interviewing students about non-school related subjects can be a fun way to keep your audience interested.

Interviewing students about non-school related subjects can be a fun way to keep your audience interested.

Inclusion can be your biggest sales tool! Use Snippets as a way to complete your coverage goals!

Inclusion can be your biggest sales tool! Use Snippets as a way to complete your coverage goals!

Everyone says something worth reading at some point...quote them in the yearbook!

Everyone says something worth reading at some point...quote them in the yearbook!

You publish an elementary yearbook? Snippets are also great for elementary or middle school books! You choose the topic, fill with images and info from your student body and you're done!

By using the set of tools Pictavo provides, anyone can create a well-designed, modern yearbook that students will love to look at. Have fun with your staff...get creative!

Your Yearbook Index Needs Love, Too!

Surprisingly, the most frequently read/viewed section of your yearbook is typically the one that gets the least amount of design attention. Students will flip through a yearbook numerous times, but will study an index to find their own picture, friends' pictures, and, in the future, to find the answer to important questions like, "who was that blonde, crazy guy in marching band and show choir with us?".

It's easy, after working so diligently for so long on the actual pages of your masterpiece to let the index be a black and white list of names. While this serves its purpose, wouldn't it be better if it was as pleasing to look at as the rest of your yearbook?

So why not continue the look of your yearbook into the final section? Or use the index pages to add info, like school-specific trends, current events and milestones that didn't find a home anywhere else in the yearbook.

Take a look at these different yearbook index examples:

Example 1: The usual. Black. White. Columns.

Plain Index.png

Example 2: Adding a font, background and some clipart that matches with the theme of your yearbook to continue the "flow" of your yearbook through the end. 

Clip Art Index.png

Example 3: Adding a font and design elements used in your yearbook and candids to add more student coverage and a unique look.

Index Candids Letters.png

Example 4: Adding a font used in your yearbook, a background and candids to create an index that's completely unique to your school and your yearbook!

Candids Index.png

A few things to consider when laying out your yearbook index:

  • Assign the task of "proofing" the entire index to one staff member. This should be their only job for a period of time. Be sure to allow them enough time to do a good job. This person should be detail-oriented and a perfectionist! 
  • Decide early on in your book layout process if you want only students listed or if you'd like staff, clubs, and organizations included as well. Adding clubs and organizations will give people more than one option when navigating the yearbook.
  • If your yearbook publisher provides you with software that will help flow an index, especially automatically, USE IT! Manually putting together an index can be a daunting and time consuming task - and put you at a higher risk for errors. The examples above were created in software marketed specifically for yearbook publishing and made it easy to flow, change and customize the indexes we used as examples!

There is no question as to whether or not your yearbook needs an index. How creative you want to be with the task at hand is entirely up to you!

Happy Indexing!

The Idea Garden Team


NEW Pictavo Video!

We are excited to show you our fresh new Pictavo yearbook software video! The video showcases the sophisticated yearbook design software, convenience and ease of use while highlighting important features and benefits you'll love using. It has been updated to reflect the many exciting new additions that have been made recently, including Snippets that will be available in the 2014-15 version of Pictavo starting in August. Be sure to check it out, let us know what you think and share it with your friends! 

Happy Yearbooking!

~ Your Idea Garden Team