Creating Typography That POPS!

Pictavo recently added text outline and drop shadow to the already incredible toolbox users have access to when creating their yearbook pages.

Things work basically the same as they did in Pictavo Legacy although activating an outline or drop shadow and customization tools are in a slightly different place.

Once you’ve placed type on your page, you’ll find outline and drop shadow options in your contextual menu Effects pane.

contextual menu.jpg

Once the box in front of the feature you’d like to activate is checked, use the +/- symbols to change the size of your outline or use the sliders to adjust placement and blur of your drop shadow.

settings in menu.jpg

With the number of fonts, colors and different looks you can achieve by using these tools, your creativity is limitless! Check out these examples of outline and drop shadow in action:

outline drop shadow examples.jpg

Notice that the drop shadow examples aren’t excessive and the outline is juuuust enough to give type that little extra something. Don’t be afraid to play around with settings to find your favorite look!