Summer Yearbook Coverage

Five Tips To Covering Summer In Your Yearbook 

Just because you’re not IN school during the summer months, doesn’t mean there aren’t important things going on, begging to be captured and included in your yearbook. After all, isn’t the purpose of your YEARbook to tell the story of the entire year?

So how do you identify those stories and cover them? Check out these five great tips to follow as you enter into your summer months. Remember – sometimes the stories and happenings of the summer can be the most interesting! What happens in summer shouldn’t stay there—it should be captured in the yearbook!

1. Prepare in Advance 
Create a detailed plan with specific assignments for each staff member broken down by week. This helps make the tasks more manageable and easier to track progress. Your plan should include actionable items that each student can accomplish to contribute.

2. Make a Coverage List
Create a laundry list of coverage ideas (summer school, camps, jobs, vacations, volunteer activities, events, retreats, summer sports, fundraisers, etc.). Use social media to stay in the loop and find interesting stories to cover. 

3. Pair Up
Have a photographer and reporter pair up to cover an identified event together. Both can offer differing perspectives and help each other better capture the heart of the final story. Don't forget to use your "Press Badges" (or create some) to give your staffers credibility and make it easier for them to get interviews and photos. 

4. Don’t Forget School Staff
Teachers and other school staff use their summers to do all kinds of cool things. Some continue to teach or have other summer jobs while some travel, do research, take classes, vacation or spend time with their family. Be sure to include them when investigating potential story ideas and photo opportunities!

5. Be Ready for Back to School 
A lot happens in the final weeks before school starts and these activities provide great opportunities for coverage (sports tryouts, freshman orientation, classroom and school grounds preparation, club meetings, school board sessions, back to school shopping, etc.). 

Yearbook Planning Calendar - February Checklist

Here's your February checklist of items to do for your yearbook to keep you on track this year!

Yearbook Planning Calendar - September Checklist

Here's your September checklist of items to do for your yearbook to keep you on track this year! Just click on the link to download the checklist to have on hand. 

Welcome back to school!

~ Your Idea Garden Team

Extend Coverage And More With Yearbook Supplements

Often times spring school activities don't get the coverage they deserve in a yearbook. Adding a supplement to your yearbook, however, can be a great way to include the entire school year - like those spring sports, recitals, plays, dances, graduations and other important events that happen after your yearbook has been printed. They come with sturdy, easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick tape that can be easily attached to the back of your yearbook. Choose 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or any multiple of four pages.

Yearbook supplements are also a great fundraising opportunity where you can sell space to teams, clubs and others!

Here are some other great ideas of ways you can use yearbook supplements! 

1. Print some pages of what will be in the yearbook and use it as a marketing piece to entice people to buy the book. 

2. Create a special senior supplement that highlights the activities they were involved in, scholarships and awards received and plans for after high school (college, military, work, etc.). and hand out at graduation.

3. Did a team or group win a championship, title or special award during the school year? Create a supplement that honors the members involved and captures the journey to success. 

4. New additions, re-models and any significant changes are important milestones to capture about your school. Yearbook supplements are a great way to commemorate school anniversaries or significant changes to the building and facilities.

5. Coupons are a great way to get patrons in the door of businesses. Create a supplement that offers businesses the opportunity to include a coupon with their ads that are meant to be cut out and used. This can help increase revenue for you and the business!

Have any other yearbook supplement ideas or examples you'd like to share? We'd love to hear!

~ Your Idea Garden Team