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Flashback Friday: Inspiring Yearbook Page Design Ideas From The Past

When you follow basic design principles, the results are classic masterpieces that can be looked at for inspiration for years to come. Like these 2008 NSPA Yearbook Pacemaker Award-winning yearbook page spreads. Though font styles and color trends may change over time, contrast, proximity, repetition, alignment, balance, hierarchy, white space and interesting photo angles all remain core elements of basic design. These yearbook spreads provide great, timeless examples we hope inspire you as you work on coming up with your next yearbook page ideas!

2015 NSPA Yearbook Pacemaker Winners Announced at the Spring National High School Journalism Convention

Check out the 2015 winners of the National Scholastic Press Association's Yearbook Pacemaker award! The winners were announced at the JEA/NSPA Spring National High School Journalism Convention in Denver this past weekend and we got to be there! JEA (Journalism Education Association) and NSPA (National Student Press Association) are among the largest scholastic journalism organizations in the country. If your school isn't already a member, we would highly recommend you consider joining as they offer tremendous insight and resources to help you create an amazing yearbook. Congrats to all of this year's yearbook award winners and finalists!


"Since 1927, NSPA's Pacemaker competition has been considered by many to be student journalism's highest honor. All NSPA yearbook and magazine members are eligible to compete in their respective national Pacemaker competitions. Yearbook/Magazine Pacemakers are judged based upon the following criteria: writing/editing, design, content, concept, photography, art and graphics." (source: