Selling Your Yearbook - Creative Video Ads To Spark Inspiration

Who doesn't love video? The adorable kittens...flash mobs...crazy songs...bad lip-reading...babies dancing and other crazy things...even here at the Idea Garden Blog we can't help ourselves from indulging in the fun videos that get passed along. So what better way to advertise your school's yearbook sale than a video? Now, posters and ads are a MUST and should be all around school, along with announcements, tweets, ads on your school's website, etc. But how much fun would it be to create a video that gets passed along to your friends and really spreads the word?

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite we've seen to help spark some inspiration. Be sure to share yours with us, we'd love to see it!

Happy yearbooking - and video making!

~ Your Idea Garden Team