Cutting-Edge Yearbook Software

Pictavo is a powerful tool to help yearbook advisers and staff take the memories of the year and capture them—for life. Beyond covers, page layouts, design and organization of your yearbook, Pictavo helps you collaborate as a team, sell your yearbook and ads, and manage your entire yearbook project.


Welcome To Our New Digs!
We’re excited to be moving over
from Idea Garden Blog and settling into our new location here on Pictavo.com. If you aren’t already familiar with the yearbook creation software, take a look around the site and check it out! It’s pretty powerful so if you’re in need of a stellar, sophisticated design solution to help collaborate, manage, create and sell your yearbook (that’s easy to use and navigate), you should definitely check it out.

If you already use it, or you're just here for great ideas look for upcoming posts with great tips that make designing in Pictavo even easier!