Time To Recruit A Yearbook Staff

It’s that time of year. The yearbook is finished, you’ve taken at least one deep breath, and now it’s time to start thinking about next year.

Certainly you have senior staffers that will be leaving you. How and who will you recruit to fill those positions?

Just like creating a yearbook, building a successful yearbook staff will require some planning, some trial and, likely, some error. First thing you should do? Envision what kind of yearbook environment you’re trying to create.

By knowing the type of student you want to attract, you’ll understand better how to recruit. This will drive the type of questions you want to ask. We realize that many schools offer yearbook as a class that students register for, but the type of interviewing we’re suggesting will help place said students in the positions that are best suited for their skill sets, help you find your leadership team and set the tone for what is expected from the students in the yearbook classroom.

It’s important that you attract a variety of students to your staff. Having a room full of creative, artsy types doesn’t do any good if no one can stay organized, plan an event or help track sales. You’ll need to decide for yourself what the ratio of staffers to editors to photographers is and how you want to break down these groups. Have an idea of what your ideal team looks like. Take the opportunity to align your recruitment efforts with your staff needs.

Not sure about what positions are on a developed yearbook staff? Take a look at this list and decide what positions or responsibilities your team could add to become more complete. Even if your positions and responsibilities don't align exactly with this list, maybe you'll find a better way to disperse responsibilities or assign tasks!

Happy Yearbooking!