Taking Something Great & Making It Even Better

It’s finally here!

Introducing... PICTAVO.

Okay, that doesn't seem that exciting when it's typed. Let's try again.



(insert fanfare and confetti cannon here)

When we say "all-new", we mean we started over, kept the things you loved about Pictavo and improved on everything else. New interface, new art, new fonts, new templates...all of it. New, new, new!

The best part? It's not just new.

It's better.

We'll use the blog to help introduce you to all of the new features -- and even though so much is new, the same helpful, friendly support is available. Tech support is only an email or phone call away and we're diligently working on filling our brand-spanking-new help system with articles and videos that will make the transition easy!

Keep in mind, the version of Pictavo you may already know and love is still available but will be referred to as Pictavo Legacy moving forward. Nothing about Pictavo Legacy will change, but the underlying technology will be obsolete within a few years. Knowing this, we took the opportunity to create a new and improved version of the software that was already an industry-leader. If you have questions regarding either version, please contact your yearbook provider.