Cropping Images Into Shapes

Pictavo is full of design tools to help make your pages unique works of art. Add a playful twist to your layout by using a photo box in a shape that will complement the rest of your design!

Sometimes it's hard to foresee when cropping an image into a shape might be just the finishing touch a page may need, have no fear; we've got you covered.

Once an image is placed on a page, you can resize, crop, rotate, etc.

main screen.png


If you decide that you'd like to see what this image would look like cropped to a shape, simply select a SHAPE (not a photo box) and drag then drop onto your image.

circle drag drop.jpg

Notice that the shape takes on the proportions of your image. If your photo is landscape (wide), your shape will widen to fit to the constraints of the photo box.


If you'd like to try a different shape, simply select another shape and repeat the drag and drop process.

star drag drop.jpg

Not happy with where the shape cropped your image? Use the crop tool to either resize the image or adjust the new "frame" to adjust.

using the crop tool to adjust.jpg