Location, Location, Location

While usually referring to real estate sales, the importance of location can absolutely apply in almost any sales or marketing situation. As this year's yearbook sales campaigns ramp up, it's important to make sure you're taking advantage of LOCATION wherever you have the chance.

Where are you selling? Consider not only being visible and accessible in places where a lot of students and parents will see you, but also that you're in an optimal place for your sale to happen at said event. For instance, if the yearbook staff is setting up a sales table at a parent night, why not set up near another place parents are expected to pay for something? Their billfold is already out...take advantage of it!

Where are you advertising? Think about the places students look or visit the most in a day. Put yearbook teasers, information and sales countdown posters in ALL those places! Not sure what we mean? Bathroom stall doors, on or next to mirrors in locker rooms or bathrooms, next to classroom clocks, next to drinking fountains, outside the lunch room (or wherever students wait in line for lunch) just to name a few.

Who is helping with your visibility? There's no denying social media has a lot of weight in not only teen communication, but with parents as well! Take the time to create a social media schedule or plan. You surely have yearbook staff members that happily post information pertaining to sales...but how wide in the net they cast? Recruiting student body members (and parents!) that have a different reach is imperative. Make sure all your bases are covered. Trouble getting people to share information about the yearbook? Offer a discount on the yearbook for their help. Once word gets out about a potential discount, you'll have people lining up to advertise for you next year!

No yearbook program can be successful without a well thought out sales campaign. Stay on top of what events are worth selling at and keep an eye out for new ways to communicate with your potential buyers. Sales doesn't always have to be high pressure or can be creative and fun! Enjoy the challenge!

3 Last-Ditch Sales Efforts To Boost Yearbook Sales

When you're down to the wire and you haven't quite hit your sales goal, yet, what do you do? We've got a few suggestions for the last few weeks of yearbook sales.

First of all, your sales team cannot be shy. It's time to use all of the tools at your disposal to make those last minute sales. First and most obvious in today's cyber-connected society: SOCIAL MEDIA. Every person working on your yearbook should be promoting it via every platform they are active on. Not exactly sure how to go about it? Try this:

  •  Snap a photo of the team working on the book or people looking at last year's book.   
  •  Use this photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a message that details how much time is left in your campaign AND when/where you'll be for people to place orders. If your school utilizes online ordering, give them the web address, too!
  • Does your school have social media accounts? Ask whoever provides content for them to post what you've posted on your own accounts.
  • Snapchat another photo of the yearbook team or the cover for this year's book on a computer monitor. Post it to your story for the day. Again, everyone involved in the project should do this. Create a buzz! Make people aware time is running out! 
  • Do it again tomorrow.

Next, utilize your school's daily announcements. At the very least, information about yearbook sales could be included in the daily information students get. If you're feeling creative, write a clever soundbite and make the announcement yourself! Many schools also email all parents subscribed to the announcements each day. Request that the information be passed along that way, as well. Include all details including when and where to purchase (including online option if applicable), the price of the yearbook and last day to order.

Using brightly colored countdown flyers may boost last minute sales efforts!

Using brightly colored countdown flyers may boost last minute sales efforts!

Last, but not least, plaster the hallways and doorways with signs that change daily saying how many days are left to purchase. A visible countdown shows there is a hard and fast deadline that needs to be met. Changing the flyer positions and color of paper they're printed on each day will call attention to your campaign. Make sure whoever is hanging new flyers also takes down all the flyers from the days previous to avoid any confusion about time left to order.

Want to use our countdown flyers? Find the blank printable version here.

Selling Your Yearbook - Creative Video Ads To Spark Inspiration

Who doesn't love video? The adorable kittens...flash mobs...crazy songs...bad lip-reading...babies dancing and other crazy things...even here at the Idea Garden Blog we can't help ourselves from indulging in the fun videos that get passed along. So what better way to advertise your school's yearbook sale than a video? Now, posters and ads are a MUST and should be all around school, along with announcements, tweets, ads on your school's website, etc. But how much fun would it be to create a video that gets passed along to your friends and really spreads the word?

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite we've seen to help spark some inspiration. Be sure to share yours with us, we'd love to see it!

Happy yearbooking - and video making!

~ Your Idea Garden Team