Top 10 Lists Are Fun

Everyone loves a good top ten list, right? Why not put one in the yearbook? OR use one as a sales tool proving that every member of the student body does, in fact, need a yearbook! We'll get you started with our very own top ten list:


10. Hard drives crash. Yearbooks don't.

9.   You can't sign a cell phone or computer screen with your favorite color of Sharpie. (well, you can, but do you still want the owner as your friend?)

8.   Everybody's doing it - literally. Your grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, mentors, and favorite celebrities were all in a yearbook somewhere at sometime.

7.   Yearbooks are an investment in your future. Think of how much these things will be worth if you (or a classmate) become famous?!?!

6.   Permanent record. PROOF you made your prom dress out of duct tape. I mean, if it isn't in the yearbook, did it really even happen?

5.   Hand written messages are just more fun. No one will ever say that the smiley face you drew in their yearbook wasn't as cute as a colon and parentheses.

4.   SCHOOL PRIDE! You were a fighting bulldog/bluejay/tiger/whatever for at least four years of your life. OWN IT!

3.   Evidence. How else will you prove to your children that skinny jeans have "come back" because they were, in fact, COOL when you were their age?

2.   Yearbooks provide magic moments. That guy/girl you've had a massive crush on for two years, now, actually HELD YOUR BOOK  in their hands. While writing...with YOUR PEN. A message...JUST FOR YOU.  And then they smiled.

And the number one reason that YEARBOOKS ARE BETTER THAN SOCIAL MEDIA:

1.   What else are you going to look at between the salad and your main dish during class reunions?

It's been a great year! Call us, we'll hang out!

The Idea Garden Team

Social Networks: How They Can Work For You

In the age of Facebooking, Tweeting and YouTubing, why not take advantage of how connected we all are in promoting your yearbook? At the risk of sounding like we may be pressuring our readers into anything...EVERYBODY'S DOING IT. (seriously, they are...Betty Crocker tweets.) Let's take a look at how these snazzy social networking tools can work for YOU, your yearbook STAFF and help you SELL your yearbook!


Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your yearbook is a GREAT way to keep everyone in the loop as far as timelines, sales, and specials. Anyone can join or 'become a fan', but a great first step to building your fan base would be to divide the student body between yearbook staffers and invite them all to become a fan. Your fan page allows an easy, organized way to share messages, updates, special offers, picture submission and ordering deadlines, ALONG with giving you the tools to gather feedback from members of your student body through quizzes and polls. Facebook also allows your fan page to schedule 'events' through the networking website. Imagine creating an 'event' for "Senior portraits due to yearbook staff" and reminding all the seniors via Facebook as it approaches!


Not quite as 'involved' as Facebook, Twitter is a quickly growing social networking tool that will allow your yearbook staff to update, or 'tweet' short, pertinent bits of information to any 'followers'. Again, reminders, schedules, updates...with just a few keystrokes the entire student body could be 'in the know'!


What's the one area that your 'media coverage' lacks as far as promoting your yearbook goes? There are all kinds of ways to get the INFORMATION in front of people, but images and type, be they virtual or in print, really only go so far. Why not make a few COMMERCIALS to promote your yearbook? Face it, every school has at least one or two kids that are creative, hilarious, outgoing, etc. that would be perfect for this job! Whether a parody of a popular movie, a reference to the viral video of the minute or a complete original, posting a few commercials on YouTube done BY the student body FOR the student body is sure to be a hit! Once you've posted the commercials to your YouTube channel, you can share it via Facebook AND Twitter (since you'll be utilizing BOTH of those, right?)

By communicating with students, parents, staff in multiple ways, you're sure to reach a broader audience. The more attention you can grab for your project the better! The more enthusiastic you seem about your yearbook, the more excited people are to know about it, participate in it and PURCHASE IT!

So get out there and face-tweet-tube it!

The Idea Garden Team