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Laundry List of Yearbook Superlatives

As you’re brainstorming ideas for pages, we've gathered up a list of fun yearbook superlatives to help spark some ideas of what you could include in your school yearbook this year. Filter them as appropriate for your school. And as always, share your additional ideas with us and everyone else! Especially creative ways you can photograph the superlative winners! Yearbook Superlatives

  • Best Car/Wheels
  • Best Celebrity Look-Alike
  • Best Couple
  • Best Dancer
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Entertainer
  • Best Eyes
  • Best Friends
  • Best Hair
  • Best Laugh
  • Best Legs
  • Best Movie-Quoter
  • Best Nickname
  • Best Personality
  • Best Sense of Humor
  • Best Shoulder To Cry On
  • Best Smile
  • Best Sneeze
  • Best Sportsmanship
  • Biggest Class Clown
  • Biggest Dreamer
  • Biggest Drama King/Queen
  • Biggest Early Bird
  • Biggest Flirt
  • Biggest Gossip
  • Biggest Life Of The Party
  • Biggest Night Owl
  • Biggest Over-Achiever
  • Biggest Prankster
  • Biggest Teacher's Pet
  • Biggest Techie
  • Loudest/Quietest
  • Most Affectionate
  • Most Artistic
  • Most Athletic
  • Most Attractive
  • Most Caring
  • Most Changed
  • Most Clumsy
  • Most Creative
  • Most Daring
  • Most Dependable
  • Most Economical
  • Most Extroverted
  • Most Forgetful
  • Most Friendly
  • Most Funny
  • Most Inspirational
  • Most Intelligent
  • Most Introverted
  • Most Involved
  • Most Liked By Parents
  • Most Likely To Be Caught Sleeping In Class
  • Most Likely To Be Caught Texting
  • Most Likely To Become An Actor
  • Most Likely To Become A Politician
  • Most Likely To Become A Pro Athlete
  • Most Likely To Become A Pro Musician
  • Most Likely To Become A Reality TV Star
  • Most Likely To Become A Teacher
  • Most Likely To Become Famous
  • Most Likely To Become President
  • Most Likely To Be ID'd When They're 30
  • Most Likely To Be Late To Own Wedding
  • Most Likely To Break A World Record
  • Most Likely To Cheer You Up
  • Most Likely To Crash On Your Couch
  • Most Likely To Cure A Disease
  • Most Likely To Get Married First
  • Most Likely To Get Out Of Here
  • Most Likely To Have 10 Kids
  • Most Likely To Invent Something
  • Most Likely To Make Millions
  • Most Likely To Move Out Of The Country
  • Most Likely To Never Be Single
  • Most Likely To Never Look Old
  • Most Likely To Not Change At All
  • Most Likely To Put Foot In Mouth
  • Most Likely To Shock Everyone At Reunion
  • Most Likely To Star On Broadway
  • Most Likely To Stay in Hometown
  • Most Likely To Succeed
  • Most Likely To Win A Grammy
  • Most Likely To Win American Idol
  • Most Likely To Win A Nobel Prize
  • Most Likely To Win An Olympic Medal
  • Most Likely To Win The Lottery
  • Most Musical
  • Most Opinionated
  • Most Organized
  • Most Original
  • Most Outgoing
  • Most Outspoken
  • Most Photogenic
  • Most Retro
  • Most Spirit
  • Most Talented
  • Most Talkative
  • Most Tardies
  • Most Trustworthy
  • Most Unforgettable
  • Most Unique
  • Mr./Miss. Congeniality
  • Safest Driver/Worst Driver
  • Worst Case Of Senoritis

Top 10 Lists Are Fun

Everyone loves a good top ten list, right? Why not put one in the yearbook? OR use one as a sales tool proving that every member of the student body does, in fact, need a yearbook! We'll get you started with our very own top ten list:


10. Hard drives crash. Yearbooks don't.

9.   You can't sign a cell phone or computer screen with your favorite color of Sharpie. (well, you can, but do you still want the owner as your friend?)

8.   Everybody's doing it - literally. Your grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, mentors, and favorite celebrities were all in a yearbook somewhere at sometime.

7.   Yearbooks are an investment in your future. Think of how much these things will be worth if you (or a classmate) become famous?!?!

6.   Permanent record. PROOF you made your prom dress out of duct tape. I mean, if it isn't in the yearbook, did it really even happen?

5.   Hand written messages are just more fun. No one will ever say that the smiley face you drew in their yearbook wasn't as cute as a colon and parentheses.

4.   SCHOOL PRIDE! You were a fighting bulldog/bluejay/tiger/whatever for at least four years of your life. OWN IT!

3.   Evidence. How else will you prove to your children that skinny jeans have "come back" because they were, in fact, COOL when you were their age?

2.   Yearbooks provide magic moments. That guy/girl you've had a massive crush on for two years, now, actually HELD YOUR BOOK  in their hands. While writing...with YOUR PEN. A message...JUST FOR YOU.  And then they smiled.

And the number one reason that YEARBOOKS ARE BETTER THAN SOCIAL MEDIA:

1.   What else are you going to look at between the salad and your main dish during class reunions?

It's been a great year! Call us, we'll hang out!

The Idea Garden Team

The Hype About Type

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, why bother with type? Using type on a page is more than just a way to tell the story, the type itself is a design element and should be treated as such.  There are hundreds of fonts available, with so many choices, it may be tempting to use them the same time...on the same page...please don't! If you do, the design goddesses shall frown upon you and corrupt your entire font library.

(probably not)

(...okay, for sure not. please, just don't do it.)

Fonts can be classified into families:

There's a saying that says "fonts that play together, stay together". Okay, that might not be exactly how the saying goes, but our point is this: when you find a combination that works, stick with it.  The fewer fonts used in your yearbook, the more cohesive the pages will appear. While it's tempting to use all of the fonts available to you, it is usually better to limit yourself to no more than 2-3 fonts on a page. Less really is more!

If only using a few fonts sounds boring to you, let us prove you wrong! By changing weight, font family style, size and mixing only a few fonts, you'd be surprised at how creative your text can look!

Keep it simple, keep it legible. The goal is to READ what you're working so hard on writing, right? There are a few things you should steer clear of with your type.

If you'd like a printable version of these tips, you can find them here, here and here. It's a great idea to have them hanging where yearbook staff can see them. A little reminder can go a long way!

Happy Type Wrangling!

The Idea Garden Team

See Ya, Summer!

It’s official: the seasonal sections in your favorite super-store have most likely made the switch from beach towels and sunscreen to crayons and pencil boxes. It’s back to school time! For all you yearbook peeps, this means one major thing: BACK TO WORK!

Even if you haven’t even started thinking about your theme, your page ladder or who this year’s editor will be; it’s important to be proactive and start capturing this school year’s memories as they happen! Many schools’ fall sports start before the school year does, make sure there’s a staff member who has dusted off their camera (and their photography skills) at those first home games. What about the first day of school? What a great opening spread of a yearbook these images would make! Don't stop shooting at "people", shoot places and things as well. You never know when a great shot of an empty hallway will come in handy!

How great are these "photograph" backgrounds with sports images? Use stock photography provided by your publisher, or get out there and shoot your own to make it more personal to your school. Notice that using only a few images on your spread really showcases the background...we love it! Get creative with your photography!



Using many images against a photographic background makes the details almost unnoticeable. Also very cool!  If you plan to use photography as a background, make sure it's subtle enough to do so. If the photographic backgrounds used in these spreads weren't faded back, the layouts would be too busy and hard to follow.





Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

The Idea Garden Team

The Yearbook Index Needs Love, Too

Surprisingly, the most frequently read/viewed section of your yearbook is typically the one that gets the least amount of attention from your yearbook staff. Students will flip through a yearbook numerous times, but will study an index to find their own picture, friends' pictures, and, in the future, to find the answer to important questions like, "who was that blonde, crazy guy in marching band and show choir with us?". It's easy, after working so diligently for so long on the actual pages of your masterpiece to let the index be a black and white list of names. Sure, this serves its purpose, but wouldn't it be nice if it was as pleasing to look at as the rest of your yearbook? Why not continue the look of your yearbook into the final section? Or use the index pages to add info: school-specific trends, current events and milestones that didn't find a home anywhere else in the yearbook.

Take a look at the same index, three ways.

The usual. Black. White. Columns.

Use a font, background and some clipart that matches with the theme of your book to continue the "flow" of your yearbook.

Add candids and you have an index that's completely unique to your school year and to your yearbook!

A few things to consider when laying out your yearbook index:

• Assign the task of "proofing" the index to one staff member. This should be their only job for a period of time and allow them enough time to do a good job. This person should be detail-oriented and a perfectionist!

• Decide early on in your book layout process if you want only students listed or if you'd like staff, clubs, and organizations included as well. Adding clubs and organizations will give people more than one option when navigating the yearbook.

• If your yearbook publisher provides you with software that will help flow an index, USE IT! Manually putting together an index can be a daunting and time consuming task. The examples above were created in software marketed specifically for yearbook publishing and made it easy to flow, change and customize the index we used as a sample!

There is no question as to whether or not your yearbook needs an index. How creative you want to be with the task at hand is entirely up to you!

Happy Indexing!

The Idea Garden Team