Yearbook Design Inspiration | Winter Special Events

Now that the holiday season has passed, many schools have winter activities to help keep away those mid-year doldrums. Homecoming and prom aren't the only dances that should be chronicled in your yearbook...Winter activity weeks and dances are a great way to remind people of the fun that was had ALL YEAR! Make sure you have yearbook staffers at each event with cameras in hand. They are the people that know what the yearbook spread in question needs and the style of photography that will match with the rest of the events already in the book! As far as designing pages goes, you can continue the look of your yearbook theme on a dance page by simply choosing a color tone that "goes" with the season. Light blue definitely lends itself to an icy winter theme...even if your area is neither icy or wintery!

If your event is formal, making the page glam with glitter is ALWAYS an option! With so many different color options available, a glittery background to match your theme is almost certainly available!

If the images are where you'd like the attention to fall, use big, striking photography across a spread. Nothing says "we had a great time" like candid dance floor photos!

Have some winter fun and, of course,

Happy yearbooking!

The Idea Garden Team