...with a little help from your friends

Like we keep saying, designing an entire yearbook is a daunting task. Why not get a little help? Many programs, especially those created specifically for yearbook design, include templates. Now, keep in mind that when you look at a template, it's not going to be very impressive. Typically just gray boxes and a block of text...what makes them so useful is the ease in which you can modify them to make them your own. Look at a template as a "starting point". If you like what you see by just placing images into the image boxes, your work is done! If the layout needs some fine tuning, feel free to change what needs changing. Templates are, typically, not set in stone. Take advantage of the fact someone started the designing and layout process for you! Let's take a look at a few examples of both empty templates and layouts completed using these same templates:

See what a difference a few images can make?

Many yearbook layout programs also have an option to create your OWN templates. This is useful when you know you'd like the same five (or six, or ten, or twelve...) layouts used all the way through your book. Saving these templates so they are easily accessed by your entire yearbook staff will keep consistency at a maximum and guesswork to a minimum!

Templates can be a very useful tool when creating a yearbook. You've got enough to do...why not get a little help here and there?

Happy Designing! The Idea Garden Team