Yearbook Design Inspiration

Coming up with new and interesting ways to create yearbook pages can be challenging. Finding inspiration in other yearbooks' layouts is perfectly acceptable...and encouraged! No two layouts from any two schools will ever be exactly alike. What works for one school may not work for yours, but seeing an idea and adjusting it to work for your own school, in your own yearbook, can be challenging...and fun! Here are a few pages we thought utilized great layout AND fun graphics! Don't forget that not every page has to be crammed full of information! Yearbooks should be FUN to go back and look at! Make sure it has some personality!

So often, portrait pages end up being boring. It doesn't have to be that way! Devote a little page real estate to some candids on every other spread to keep things interesting!

When you don't get a lot of room for a feature, pulling things together with common accents can help bring different subject matter together.

People LOVE seeing themselves in the yearbook! When you have a spare page here and there, use it for something FUN like top ten lists, superlatives or student life interviews. All those images that are just too silly to use in their intended spreads don't need to go to waste! Feature a full page of candid moments! The Yearbook staff are the unsung heroes of your school annual. Their pages should show their creativity! Have fun! Represent! Fitting a lot of information plus images on a single page isn't always easy. Keep things simple and clean. Your layout will thank you for it! Sometimes images speak for themselves...a lot of text isn't necessary! When activity images speak louder than words, let them! Don't let great photography get lost in type. Keep it simple!

Be Inspired! The Idea Garden Team