Yearbook Themes | Why They Work For You.

When laying out your yearbook, one of the first steps is to choose a theme that inspires your entire staff. The idea behind having a yearbook theme is to help make every section of your book consistent and when all sections are put together, your book will have great flow and a cohesive look. Relying on artwork to create a theme is an easy way to create a fantastic looking yearbook. Many publishing companies offer sets of artwork in a broad range of ages and styles to help make this task an easier one. While it is tempting to use ALL of the artwork that looks 'fun' or 'cool', keep in mind that you are creating a chronicle of your school's year. The focus should be on the students, staff and school activities...not on whether the next page is going to be green, orange or purple.

For instance, this school decided on a 'comic' theme. Their cover and all inner pages had the same 'halftone' look. For clipart and filler, the designer used action word bubbles (i.e. POW!) to break up white space where necessary. The next school went with a 'bug' theme. They used a bug and leaf background series to carry their theme through their entire book. Bug and insect clipart was provided by their publishing company to add some fun elements here and there. The publisher also offered a cover design that matched with the art series they had chosen for their book. Don't like the idea of following a strict theme throughout your entire book? Try keeping things consistent, at least, in your different sections. The athletic focused art series below would make a great addition to a book looking to spruce up their 'team sports' pages! Or what about the following set for 'academic clubs' pages?

Get together with your staff and see what the group feels is a good fit for your yearbook. Keeping everyone 'on the same page' from a design and layout standpoint will keep your project on the right track from the very beginning. When staff members know what to use, where to find it and what's expected of them, your job as advisor should be smooth sailing!

Be Inspired! The Idea Garden Team