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Take A Peek | Yearbook Layout Inspiration

As you are in the throes of yearbook season, we'd like to remind you that our inspiration gallery is only a click away to help you through some rough design spots! Coming up with great yearbook layouts can be a daunting task. We're here to help! Need a creative way to display a two page spread about 'student life'? How about this image loaded idea using a brick wall theme?

Only a few images, but an entire spread dedicated to a club or team? Try letting your layout do the talking!

Tired of the senior class pages looking like the rest of the student body? Switch it up with a layout like this:

Don't forget about sports! Get creative when calling out your school's star players!

Lots of pics that need lots of descriptions? Make use of clip art that lets you 'label' those images!

Again, all of these layouts and many more can be found in the inspiration gallery.

Be inspired! The Idea Garden Team