End Of The Year Inspiration

As we've said before, our team here at Idea Garden finds inspiration in MANY places. We thought we'd pull together some of our most recent design inspiration to help keep you inspired through the end of 2010 and into 2011! First, we, of course, feel inspired by examples of design in print or on the internet and great examples of typography at it's finest!

As you can see, our team has a broad range of styles: modern, clean, funky, vintage. Notice, though, we all LOVE COLOR!

We love the focus on arts and crafts in design lately! Here are a few things that caught our 'designer' eyes!

How often have you looked at a child's art project and thought "oh, cute!" Take it one step further...how does it inspire you? Is it their fearless use of unexpected color combinations (which, obviously, we love)? The way they take pride in coloring outside the lines? Figure it out...let it inspire you!

What about walking through the grocery store? Ever feel inspired? Start looking around! You'd be surprised what you might find!

Great design is integral in packaging! When someone is walking through a market, there's only a split second to catch their attention before they move on to the next product on the shelf...these packaging designers know how to make the best use of color (looks like we like it bright...again) and font trends to catch the consumers' attention! They sure caught ours!

What do you surround yourself with? Do you fill your house with colors and textures that inspire you? Our design team is pretty sure that if we could live in rooms filled with things like these...we'd be WAY more creative! ;)

What a surprise! Lots of bright colors...AGAIN! There might be a trend developing here...

As the new year begins, make it a point to find inspiration in the every day. Find a great color combo someplace you'd never expect...find inspiration for a layout in the pattern on the floor...love the font your favorite cafe' uses on their menu? Make a note! Find something like it for your next project! Let that inner creative artsy type come out to play...every day!

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and most importantly, Happy Designing!

The Idea Garden Team