Organizing Your Yearbook Images

This is SUCH an important post! We cannot even tell you how many times we've heard advisors and yearbook staff say they 'no longer have those images' because someone saved over them or they just got lost in the shuffle. How frustrating! We know what a major project pulling together a yearbook is...this is one of those tips that will save your sanity! We promise! As your staff photographs the events at your school, make sure that:

A) the images are ALL. BACKED. UP. Burn DVDs of everything that might make it into the yearbook and store them somewhere. The fact that those photos made it onto a computer is NOT INSURANCE! If anything, heaven forbid, were to happen to the computer they are on, wouldn't it be nice to know that you have copies stored away safely somewhere? Back them ALL up. Back 'em up. Really. Back them up. (one more time?) BACK UP YOUR IMAGES!

and B) the images are organized in a way that the entire staff understands. Just because Janie knows that her folder named "best game ever" is the section finals for basketball, doesn't mean that Frankie will know that...he may think the state hockey playoffs were the best game ever. Below is a screen shot of a typical folder structure that will help organize your staff's photos.

As you'll notice, the example images are all saved as the native camera name. HOWEVER, also notice that keeping things in different folders will keep these images from saving over one another when they have the same name. To double-ensure your staff will not accidentally replace images on your server, it's a GREAT idea to name images what they actually are AND save them into the appropriate folder (i.e. Hansen 3 pointer.jpg INSIDE the BASKETBALL BOYS folder) The more specific you can make things, the easier it will be for the layout staff and the less likely it will be that files will get thrown out because they don't make sense to someone on a cleaning bender! 

To review: BACK UP and ORGANIZE! 

Do it. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Organizing!

The Idea Garden Team