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Pictavo is a powerful tool to help yearbook advisers and staff take the memories of the year and capture them—for life. Beyond covers, page layouts, design and organization of your yearbook, Pictavo helps you collaborate as a team, sell your yearbook and ads, and manage your entire yearbook project.

Who Doesn't Love To Doodle?

Meet "neon doodles". She's fun. She's playful. She'll give your yearbook pages a much needed break from the columns and order of portrait pages.

Artwork used:

Background: 8388    Clipart 8435, 8427, 8426, 8480    Fonts: otherview    Effects: drop shadow added to image boxes

Artwork used:

Background: 8383    Clipart: 8480, 8430, 8429, 1261, 1262, 8079, 8082    Fonts: otherview

Artwork used:

Backgrounds: 8384, 8386    Clipart: 8425

Happy Creating!

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