Wanna know the secret to stress-free yearbooking? Planning.  Quickly see your entire project in Ladder view and organize pages using color-coded section assignments. Got questions? Tap into Pictavo’s extensive online Help system to help you plan, stay organized, and feel confident even if yearbooks are all new to you! 



Work on the go with new mobile capabilities, Pictavo makes it possible to maximize every minute; and no one will know you aren’t at your desk.





Pictavo’s extensive art library can’t be beat. With all-new, fully-interchangeable and coordinating backgrounds, templates, accents and snippets, you can create an impressive book with little experience or effort on your part!




Tools designed for the way you work.

  • Create unique portrait pages with completely customizable and adjustable portrait grids then save your preferences to reuse on
  • other pages.
  • Drag and drop photos onto your page 
  • Save colors and text styles to ensure consistency throughout your book